Wednesday, August 25, 2010




Latley I've been looking for inspiration for my artwork because Ive been in such a slump. So I searched the internet and found this website. The homepage really caught my eye with all the colors and photos, so i explored the website a bit. The website belongs to an artist named Sabrina Ward Harrison. I don't know much about her or about her artistic style, but yet she really intrested me. She has a Purchase section were you can buy her books and see whats inside. I clicked the inside button and browsed abit, but as i did I became very wasn't a normal book, but a book full of pictures and her own words (like a journal). This really confised me because I didnt really understand what is was. At first I thought it was something like Keri Smith's work, but then I started to question if it was like it at all!

    So to settle my confusion I looked on Barnes & Nobles' website and read the reviews. Most people said it was very inspiring and creative, but i still didnt understand! Who is Sabrina Ward Harrison? What does she do? How have her books inspired so many people? Dont get my wrong, her artwork is incredable, but it still has yet to make my confusion disappear....that's why this week I'm going to BN to buy her books and maybe Ill finally understand. :)

(picture at the top is Sabrina Ward Harrison)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Unknown People

                Okay, so last week during our luch period we found a journal on the floor. On the cover it read "PRIVATE DO NOT OPEN!" and my curiousity got the better of me and I opened it. There was a bunch of drawings in there of stick people; and by the drawings and writing I could tell it belonged to a little girl. As my friends and I looked through it a picture caught my eye of a stick figure family in front of a house. The family consisted of two parents, two girls, and a dog. Over each of their heads was a label that told what roll they played in the family, Mom, Dad, Sister, and so on...then I came across a girl who was crying and it's label was "Me".

                   With the label it had an explanation to why she was so upset. It said: "Me crying. I'm crying because nobody in the family cares about me or my feelings." I instantly grew sad after reading because I felt a sort of connection with this girl and that we should stop reading it right away. I closed the journal shut and told my friends that we shouldn't have been going through this in the first place. So we ended up taking it to the teacher so they could return it right away. I honestly hope that girl gets her journal back as soon as possible and that I hope she will feel better about how her family thinks of her. Good luck Katie :)

Has your curiousity ever gotten the better of you?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A simple colletion of simple things Part1

:) just a small collection of clips from Vera Bradely. I got this for free with a purse in Colorado. Inspired to do this from Keri Smith, the author of Wreck This Journal.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Book Haul!

Today, I finally went to Barnes and Nobles! All week I've been waiting to go since I really want to fill up my 2nd bookshelf. I got four books. Yeah, I know it's not a lot, but I didn't have enough money to get anymore. So yeah, it's not much of a book haul, but I like to think of it as one :)
Here's what I got....

This book kept catching my eye, so to end the personal torture
I finally picked it up and read the back cover. It sounded like a good read so I bought it :) This is the first book I am reading now.


  This book is about witches and I thought it would be interesting to read since I've never read fiction about witches.

Pretty Little Liars # 1

  Since I LOVE the TV series so much I wanted to start reading the books. I watched a review on YouTube about it and they said it was a really good read.


Like Ghostgirl, this book has caught my eye many times! Cupcake is the 3rd book to Gingerbread (1st) and Shrimp (2nd). I've picked up this book many times, but they never had Gingerbread. So when I went today yet again they didnt have Ginger, but I really wanted it so Im like "Screw it!" and bought this! I just couldnt help myself! Since they never have the two books before Cupcake, I'm just going to order them like I do with my Manga. I CAN NEVER read the 3rd or 2nd book if I haven't read the 1st, it just doesn't feel right. Some of my friends can but I some how just can't XD

Books I wanted bad but weren't there....

I accidently bought the secound one last week so Im ordering the first (they didnt have it).

Note: I'll give reviews on all these books after I'm done reading them (which should be soon). 


                 Walking down the dark hallways of the out side world, she cluches her stacks of papers and book close to her as if something will come out and get her. She takes slow, easy steps so she doesn't pass what she's looking for. The hallway was silent, nothing made a sound, except of her shoes tapping on the floor. Her eyes looked from left to right as she walked and stopped to examin each door to see if it was the correct door, but so far none of them was the one. She kept on walking, she wasn't going to give up that easily. She had never liked giving up, so weak and stupid!

               Suddenly, she stopped walking and dropped her many papers and books. There was only one door left. Could this be the one? The Doorshe thought. She walked up to it and held onto the doornob with shaking hands. She turned the nob and opened it to a small crack, just big enough so she could have one peek in. Her eyes widened and a smile spread across her face. She had found it! She quickly shut the door and crabbed her papers and books, she put them in one hand and used the other to open the door. She walked in and then shut the door hind her. She knew that she was going to stay her for a long time.

<I thought this picture went well with what I was thinking of for the story up on the top. I found this on dA the creator was TahneeCherie.

            Hello Hello! As you can tell from the title, I am a new comer! I've always wanted to start a blog but I never knew for sure how I would do it. But what really pushed me to finally sign up is seeing other people's blogs. I wanted to share my life with others as they shared there's . I wanted to be inspired and discover new things! I wanted change! So finally got off my lazy ass and signed up. I don't really know much about what to do here other than blog so I haven't gotten everything set up yet, I mean, I just signed up yesterday. But even though I'm new to the world of, I am still very excited and hoping to get things set up soon. I am very good with computers (or least I think) so that shouldn't be as big as a problem for me.