Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Unknown People

                Okay, so last week during our luch period we found a journal on the floor. On the cover it read "PRIVATE DO NOT OPEN!" and my curiousity got the better of me and I opened it. There was a bunch of drawings in there of stick people; and by the drawings and writing I could tell it belonged to a little girl. As my friends and I looked through it a picture caught my eye of a stick figure family in front of a house. The family consisted of two parents, two girls, and a dog. Over each of their heads was a label that told what roll they played in the family, Mom, Dad, Sister, and so on...then I came across a girl who was crying and it's label was "Me".

                   With the label it had an explanation to why she was so upset. It said: "Me crying. I'm crying because nobody in the family cares about me or my feelings." I instantly grew sad after reading because I felt a sort of connection with this girl and that we should stop reading it right away. I closed the journal shut and told my friends that we shouldn't have been going through this in the first place. So we ended up taking it to the teacher so they could return it right away. I honestly hope that girl gets her journal back as soon as possible and that I hope she will feel better about how her family thinks of her. Good luck Katie :)

Has your curiousity ever gotten the better of you?